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It’s like car rental, just better. RentMyRide lets you find the perfect car for any occasion from trusted, local owners.

It's like a rental, just better.



RentMyRide is South Africa’s first car sharing marketplace where you can book any car you want, wherever you want it, from a community of local car owners in major cities and towns. You can choose from a unique selection of cars near you, while owners earn an income to offset the cost of their car.

We founded RentMyRide to allow mobility for everyone and change the way that people use cars. With the average car sitting idle 65% of the time, we knew there had to be a better way to put these cars to better use. By providing a safe and seamless way for people to share cars with each other we want to change the way the world thinks about car use and car ownership.

A pioneer of the sharing economy and travel industry, RentMyRide has a safe, supportive community with over 25,000 members. Whether it is a Polo for commuting to work, a small truck to help out on moving days, or a sporty convertible, RentMyRide lets you book cars that will be are part of your experience.

RentMyRide is building a car sharing platform based upon trust & community. Keeping you safe is a top priority.


Trust & Safety for owners

You and your car are covered during a RentMyRide booking. This includes 24-hour roadside assistance for your renters and insurance for your car. The policy covers comprehensive insurance, 3rd party damages and the associated liability.

Strict renter screening: We screen each renter against a set of eligibility criteria. Plus, we run additional verification’s in the background using a world-class system to maintain a safe marketplace.

You are in control of who rents your car: You might be renting your car to business people, tourists, or anyone that needs a car for a few weeks or longer. YOU decide who rents your car.

Trust & Safety for renters

Insurance: We understand that sharing your car with your community is a big decision. Firstly, don’t worry, one of the ways we protect you is by insuring your car comprehensively and for 3rd party damages under our insurance policy. The policy is valid during the rental period only.

Car standards: RentMyRide owners can list cars that are not older than 10 years, and are required to ensure their cars meet all legal requirements for vehicle safety, condition and operations.

Reviews: You can also read other renters’ reviews of cars to further ensure a great experience! RentMyRide provides 24/7 roadside assistance if a car encounters mechanical difficulty during a reservation.

Official Insurance Partner

To keep our entire community safe and covered for any issues from a breakdown to an accident, RentMyRide provides roadside assist and complete insurance for peace of mind when listing or renting a vehicle.

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