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Covid19 Guidelines

Coronavirus Information

Coronavirus Information, Policy, and Safety Tips

RentMyRide is closely monitoring the global spread of novel coronavirus (COVID-19). We will keep you updated as the situation develops.

In response to concerns, here are some tips and updates for staying healthy and safe during your RentMyRide interactions. In addition, canceling trips due to COVID-19 falls under RentMyRide’s extenuating circumstances policy, which you can read below.

Be proactive about your health

  • Wash your hands often. Wash your hands frequently with soap and hot water. If you’re not near a sink, use hand sanitizer.
  • Hosts, stay home if you feel sick. If you’re supposed to meet a guest but feel under the weather, stay home.
  • Be mindful of cleanliness. Cover your coughs and sneezes. Try not to touch your face. And when in doubt, wash your hands again.

Disinfect your car between trips

Clean and disinfect your car after each trip with disinfectant wipes or spray. Wipe down the steering wheel, door handles, trunk latch, and any other surfaces that are touched frequently.

RentMyRide’s extenuating circumstances policy

RentMyRide’s extenuating circumstances policy is designed to address situations like this. If you’re concerned about upcoming trips because of COVID-19, you can cancel them without penalty. You won’t incur fees, and your metrics won’t be impacted. Please be sympathetic and supportive if your guests decide to cancel their trips due to health and safety concerns. For any more information regarding COVID-19 go to (

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