Get an extra R250

It’s like car rental, just better. RentMyRide lets you find the perfect car for any occasion from trusted, local owners.

What you could earn.

A quick and easy way to find out what you could be earning with your vehicle

You car's market value

R 150000
R 100000
R 300000

Days rented out per month

18 Days
1 Day
30 Days

You could earn up to

R 4 140

per month

(Disclaimer: The above amount is an approximation based on the value of your vehicle and the days rented. There will be variations to the earnings from month to month)

How it works


The daily rate is calculated on the overall value of your vehicle according to TransUnion, and that daily rate is multiplied by the rental days to determine what you could earn.


Payment to owners is done in the middle and at the end of the month, and is calculated 7 days after the rental booking has ended and the car is returned.


Car owners that have vehicles actively rented out on our platform are fully covered by the RentMyRide Insurance Policy.

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