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Insurance and Claims

Insurance with RentMyRide

RentMyRide, keeping you safe is our priority.

We understand that sharing your car with your community is a big decision. Firstly, don’t worry, one of the ways we protect you is by insuring your car comprehensively and for 3rd party damages under our insurance policy. The policy is valid during the rental period only.

We screen each renter against strict eligibility criteria. Plus, we run additional verifications in the background on renters to ensure the safety of your vehicle. You might be renting your car to business people, tourists or just anyone that needs a car for a while. YOU decide who rents your car. You can accept or decline a booking.

In addition, RentMyRide includes Accident Damage, theft and 3rd party cover on the vehicle during the rental period, we also offer roadside assistance in the event of an incident or breakdown.

As long as you’re in compliance with the Terms of Service, and FAQ Guidelines during a reservation, the following protections apply:

Renters are responsible for the payment of any excess applicable in terms of any insurance claim which amount is deducted from their deposit along with any other small claims like extra mileage that may occur.

*You can see a detailed explanation with examples of damages and insurance claims here: Detailed explanation

Damages Claims and 3rd Party Insurance Claims

3rd Party Claims

All small claims that are for the renters’ cost like extra mileage, minor damages, cleaning fees, etc where the car is not returned in the same condition as received is deducted from the renters’ deposit – SEE FINES & FEES. These claims are processed by RentMyRide on the basis that our terms have been adhered to and the trip checklist (Beginning & End) has been completed in full and sent to on the day the car is returned, after which quotes must be provided within 24hrs.

Claims Through RentMyRide Insurance:

RentMyRide has a comprehensive insurance policy covering accident damage and theft or attempted theft of the vehicle during the rental period.

What is Covered:

  • All accident damages, windscreen damage, theft or attempted theft of the vehicle during a valid paid rental subject to a First Amount Payable as stated in the Insurance policy.
  • 24-hour roadside assistance through Paradigm Assist on 0861 003 446

What is NOT Covered:

  • Pre-existing damages on the vehicle.
  • Wear and tear parts like brakes, control arms, clutch, gearbox, wipers, light bulbs, levers, seat tracks, and buttons (Any item that is in constant use while driving);
  • Excess Mileage or other small claims like lost rentals are not covered, This is covered by the deposit on file provided there is no claim from our fund where the deposit is allocated to the repair costs;
  • Mechanical failure and breakdown were not involved in an accident;
  • Radios, scratches, Radio faces (Any Part of a radio) unless the cost to replace or repair is within the deposit ranges;
  • Interior replacement of any kind for example damage to seats, dashboard that is unrelated to accident damage, theft or attempted theft.;
  • Driving between the hours of 2 am and 4 am;
  • Offroad driving of any kind
  • Cross Border Travel and Incidents outside of our borders;
  • Renter may not use the vehicle for hire & reward (Taxify, Uber, carriage of passengers for reward and other prohibited use;
  • Disability, hospitalization, or death – Refer to the Road Accident Fund (RAF) for claims of this nature (General practice in South Africa); and
  • Public liability is not covered
  • Absconsion or abandonment
  • Death or bodily injury to passengers

What is needed from you to be insured by RentMyRide.

  • A Roadworthy Certificate is required through a reputable company like Dekra and a Tracker installation certificate must be submitted to
  • Police Case Number for accidental damages and thefts
  • Our terms of service, FAQ Guidelines & claims policies are to be followed. This includes: Completing the trip checklist and submitting it signed by all parties along with images and all relevant info and sent to our support email ( on the same day as the incident/end of the booking.
  • Quotes are to be submitted to us within 24hrs after the claim has been submitted. We have partnered with Fixico for this free service.  You can obtain quotes by using this link for comparative quotes which are then submitted to us.

All issues should be reported to RentMyRide as soon as it occurs and we will respond within our operating hours 9am – 5pm

Tel: 087 223 2822


24hr Roadside assistance: 0861 003 446

Chat: Use the icon on the bottom right of our website

DISCLAIMER: The RentMyRide platform or RentMyRide (Pty) Ltd does not portray itself as an insurer or FSCA Registered Financial Services Provider in South Africa. We make use of a Registered Insurer (Compass Insurance Limited) through a broker partner (FPM Short Term Insurance Brokers (Pty) Ltd). By signing up to our platform you agree to all our terms and policies including the terms and conditions applicable to our motor insurance policy.

Your responsibilities in the case of an accident as a renter

In cases where only the owner’s car is involved, you are responsible for damage to the owner’s car that wasn’t reported as pre-existing damage at the beginning of the trip. Also, see ‘Fines and Fees‘.

When damage is reported, you will be charged a minimum of R5000-00, at the beginning of the claims process. If the damage is less than R5000-00, the renter will only be charged for the cost of the damage plus an administration fee. The final amount payable on any damages claim will be determined by the Insurance Company and you may be liable to pay the difference based on the initial assessment of the damage. A R500 admin fee will be charged to file the claim.

If there is another car involved, make sure to get the contact and insurance information from the other driver, and get a police report & case number within 24 hours of the accident.

After we have received a report of the incident and as long as the incident is eligible for coverage (e.g., occurred during the reservation, was reported as it occurred or at the end of the reservation, etc.), we will submit the claim to our third-party claims processor who will contact you, the owner, and all relevant parties to process the claim. The specific resolution will depend on the facts of your case (which party is at fault, etc.), and our processor will guide you through the claims process.

Comprehensive Insurance Policy

Are aftermarket accessories covered by the insurance arranged by RentMyRide?

Aftermarket accessories such as tow-bars, bull bars, mag wheels, aftermarket radios, radar detectors, dash-cams and other devices permanently fitted to the vehicle are not insured unless the owner has specifically requested cover for these.

Are personal items or personal effects covered by the protection RentMyRide offers?

No, personal items are not covered for theft or damage.

Minimum Insurance

The current minimum insurance premium is R375.00

When you book a car you will be able to see exactly what the insurance amount will be in the summary cost for the duration of your rental.

Your responsibilities in the case of an accident as an owner

What to do when a renter is in an accident

If there is an incident while a renter is using your car, the renter should report it to the appropriate parties: the police/traffic authorities if urgent, and to RentMyRide as soon as possible (within less than 24 hours from the incident).

You or the renter must call the Assist Number 0861 003 446 if the vehicle needs a tow from the scene of the accident.

We will obtain the pertinent details from the renter, help them with filing a police report if appropriate and guide them and you through the incident reporting process and any claims process.

Also, see ‘Report Damage for Owners”.

Paying an Excess

Definition of Excess

An excess is the first amount payable by you in the event of a loss and is the uninsured portion of your loss, so when you submit a claim you’ll have to pay an excess.

When you have to pay an excess for damages arising from an accident, it is irrelevant who was to blame for the accident, this serves to deter customers from submitting minor claims and/or fraudulent claims, and keeping premiums down.

EXAMPLE from Insurers in South Africa

An excess is an agreed amount of money that you, the client, is liable to pay in the event of a 3rd party car insurance claim being settled. I.e. If your excess on your car is R5000.00, and the damages amount to R36000.00 the insurer will pay the remaining R31,000.00 once you, the client, have paid your excess.

Why do I have to pay a car insurance excess even if the accident was not my fault?

You are always liable for the excess since the insurer does not place blame as criteria in order to determine whether you need to pay an excess or not. It is important to note that the administrative cost of a car insurance claim is the same, regardless of who is at fault.

What if a 3rd Party is involved

If the renter causes damage to another vehicle or property, the RentMyRide Insurance will cover the 3rd party’s damages.

If the damage is caused by a 3rd Party, the RentMyRide policy will pay for the damages to the owner’s vehicle and then attempt to recover the costs from the negligent party. The renter will still be liable to pay the excess initially but if a recovery from the 3rd party or their insurer is successful,  the excess will be refunded.

Insurance claims

What happens when there is a damage claim?

Damage during a rental is rare, but when it does happen, RentMyRide strives to make the claims process as smooth as possible. RentMyRide is always responsible to the owner and will take it upon ourselves to collect any amounts from the renter. Renters are responsible for a claims processing fee which is based on the deposit you paid, per claim.

The following represents the 10 steps of a typical claim. Depending on the specific circumstances, your claim process may deviate slightly.

  1. If damage occurs during the rental period, the renter must report it to the owner and RentMyRide immediately. They should also send pictures, a detailed description of the incident, and the relevant information of all involved parties (names, contact information, insurance policy information, police information, etc.) to on the same day of the incident.
  2. If you believe that a renter has caused any damage to your car, you are required to document this damage, with the renter, on the “Trip Checklist” that was used to record outgoing damage at the start of the rental. Any new damage must be recorded on the “Trip Checklist” and signed by both renter and owner in order to qualify for cover. The “Trip Checklist” must be sent to immediately if there are any claims that need to be processed from the renters’ deposit
  3. RentMyRide will investigate the submission to determine if it meets coverage eligibility, (e.g., that the damage is neither pre-existing, nor “wear and tear“, and that it has been reported by the owner as required in item #2 above). RentMyRide will communicate the decision to both the renter and owner as soon as possible, usually within 24 hours of receiving the relevant information.
  4. Once a claim is determined to be eligible, RentMyRide will charge the renter a minimum of *R5,000, which will be partially satisfied by retaining any security deposit. Based on the severity of the damage, RentMyRide may recover additional costs.
  5. RentMyRide always stands ready to process an eligible claim, in which case, the renter will be subject to a non-refundable R500 processing fee. If there are no other parties involved, and the amount of damage in question is relatively small (e.g., chipped windshield, broken window or mirror, bumper scratch) the owner may choose to work out repairs with the renter directly. This could save the renter the R500 processing fee.
  6. RentMyRide will submit previously collected information. RentMyRide together with our insurance brokers will completely take over managing the claim at this point; reaching out to both parties and collecting additional information as needed.
  7. The Owner or Renter can request quotes by going through nominated repairers and submitting the relevant info using their phone or computer to obtain comprehensive quotes. The Insurance Broker will then determine if an independent appraisal is necessary and or which quotes to accept and will coordinate with the owner or renter to arrange the repair.
  8. If a third party driver is found to be at fault, the claims processor will seek reimbursement from the third party’s insurer, and RentMyRide will refund the renter when these funds are received back from the party where the initial excess amount was paid to. This may be RentMyRide’s own insurance or the 3rd parties insurance. (Note: renters are always responsible for the R500 processing fee.)
  9. RentMyRide will coordinate with the Owner or Renter and schedule repairs.
  10. Once the repairs are complete, you will be asked to sign a release at the repairer and the repairer will then send their invoice to or to our brokers at for payment.

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